Modern approach to training!  These training courses are offered by PROfair only!

Ing. Jiří Chaloupka


Ing. Jiří Chaloupka, a well-known supporter of the quality IDEAL, a fighter against manipulated, non-transparent, and other fictious and unreliable “quality” processes which often constitute a base for production release, will prepare a training course tailored to your company’s needs (course 4).

You can of course select out of 3 basic trainings courses (course 1-3) which are suitable for ANYONE from your company (from worker to director).

Price of training course 1, 2, 3:           15000 Kč / day (plus transport and accomodation costs)*

Price of training course 4:                    15000 Kč / day (plus transport and accomodation costs) + 4000 Kč preparation costs*


Recommended number of participants per course: 5-12

Serial number Course name Duration Course topic Course aim
1 Product quality 1-3 days It is not about quality systems anymore these days – almost everybody has ISO, and everybody MUST have TS. But it MUST be about product quality. To motivate employees towards quality.
2 Made quality 1-3 days Costly production and high guarantees versus cheap production plus higher additional costs. Both ways may be OK. Which one is better for you? To attract and keep customer satisfied in the long run.
3 Process improvement 2-3 days (1-2 days for those who have passed the Product quality or Made quality course.) Change is a common feature of business environment. KAIZEN means Good change. Without (team) process improvement, we cannot survive. To master quality tools for recognizing needs, analysis of situation and possibilities, choice of your ideal and putting changes into practice.
4. Tailor-made course As needed (preceded by a consultation with ing. Jiří Chaloupka). According to customer’s needs. According to customer’s needs.


* The price covers material required for training of each participant and a certificate of passing the course.

* Price without VAT.