Quality system revitalization

We do not accept the opinion that a quality manager should also be responsible for environmental management and work safety. We disagree with the idea of “integrated management”, we do not recommend “integrated handbooks” and “integrated audits”. We do not accept the opinion that quality policy should be integrated with environmental policy and safety policy.

If you engage your quality manager in administration of documents or other agenda, by doing so, you have blinded one of the “navigators on a stormy sea of business where orders are being fought for”.

Quality belongs among the three basic customer requirements:

  • quality
  • price
  • delivery tems

A quality manager’s main task during top management meetings is to report on our and competition’s level of quality:

  • Is quality of our products competitive?
  • What are our strong points and weak points in comparison to competition?
  • Do we observe policy of quality? Do these principles create bonds among our staff?
  • Do we meet quality targets? What do we do for targets to be met?

We offer cooperation to your managers. Reserve some time for quality!

Think about the fact how quality is important for future of your business. Does your organizational structure meet requirements of today’s times? Do not we fight the requirements of today’s times with an outdated organizational structure and outdated jobsheets? Do you measure the quality performance of your company and your staff well?

We offer trainings to understand each other well, and an active cooperation to revitalize your vision, principles, targets, organizational structure and jobsheets.