Project management


If you are a product-selling company, your interest is to hand over your product and its most important features in perfect order and guaranteed! The most important are the indexes of process (product) eligibility. The aim of a project quality is to hand over maximum of a product’s crucial features eligible for production. Which subanalyses do we have to plan in a project in order to be maximally assured that we hand over maximum crucial features of a product eligible to our production? How high is the risk of defects occurence of a product? What can we do during planning of a project for the defects not to occur and not to endanger our job?

We can help you plan Eligibility analyses of entry material, machines, or gauges. Are not these analyses done needlessly? Can you plan them effectively? Do you actively work with AQL? We will train your staff and help you innovate your guidelines.

Many companies start to realize they have folders full of FMEA but it has not protected them from customer complaints, or from sorting- and return actions!

Let’s stop and think:

  • Why is FMEA done?
  • How much is a thorough defect analysis?
  • When it has to be done (and when not!)
  • Who is responsible, who MUST cooperate?
  • Are we allowed to use our own form?
  • Mistakes when identifying defects.
  • Criteria for evaluating defects.
  • For which defects should we take measures?
  • Is FMEA confidential?

We will gladly share our experience with you and help you innovate your guidelines so that this analysis started to serve its purpose. We offer you consultations, training, and methodical help when putting specific analyses into effect. The target is defect and problem prevention – not just a satisfied auditor!
What is FTA?

This analysis is particularly useful for complex products which consist of many parts. It helps to pinpoint potential problem rootcauses of a final product. It can also serve as a visual representation of a collective responsibility for quality of a final product. On the base of the FTA analysis many other analyses and calculations are made. Let’s slow down and analyze the rootcauses of key defects of your products together!

This analysis is not required by any auditor but if you are interested in quality of your products, it is recommended to be carried out. Is the time ripe to be interested in it? The construction QFD determines the crucial features of a product, the technology QFD analyses the regulation of these crucial features.

QFD helps to verify the integrity of checks! Do the suppliers check everything you need? Is not there any check missing? It is not about audit, it is about your work and incomes!

All suppliers have quality system certificate but often deliver low-quality goods.

Can you ordain the quality of purchased parts and material to your supplier?

Can you judge the checking mechanism of your supplier?

Quality cannot be made from low-quality material, it has to be sorted out!

Can you ordain the quality of a machine to your supplier?

Can you carry out a quality inspection of a machine?

Quality cannot be made by low-quality machines, it has to be sorted out!


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