Part audit set-up

Do you carry out product audits? Do you carry them out correctly? If not, we will set up product audit parameters for you.

Our Inspected quality division can even carry out audits for you.

Many companies carry out product audits in order to satisfy the requirements and needs of auditors. Many companies carry out product audits according to methodology described in VDA 5.

It is not important how product audit is carried out but why!

Aim of product audit

  • To evaluate current product quality level
    • with the eyes of an extremely demanding customer,
    • to check also non-crucial features and faults,
    • to express the quality level with a single number,
    • to define the weakest points of the product.
  • Comparison of quality with concurrence,
    • overall,
    • our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Product quality planning,
    • what quality level of our products must be reached to withstand the pressure of concurrence?
  • Staff motivation towards quality,
    • the best quality premium index!
    • if we fulfil the strategic goals, our future is bright and we have the right to distribute bonuses,
    • if we do not fulfil the strategic goals, our future is endangered and we do not have the right to distribute bonuses!
  • Supercheck
    • if a crucial feature or fault is out of tolerance → control mechanism has failed → production has to be stopped immediately and all products must be sorted out!

When carrying out product audits we check finished, already-packed products ready to be sent to the customers. With the eyes of an extremely strict customer we evaluate the quality level of the product. Regular checks watch only non-crucial features and faults. Product audit is an exceptional opportunity to evaluate also parameters which are not watched by regular checks.

We do not make out any deviation records. Workers need not design and implement corrective action in a written way etc. They are naturally trying to gain bonuses for quality. That is the reason they are interested in how many points they have gained. If number of points influences whether bonuses for quality are paid or not, then they are naturally interested what issues caused them to lose most of the points.