Measurement and Analyses

We provide measuring by using beam callipers, various gauges, etc. In cooperation with a technical lab, we provide 3D measuring, measuring with a profile projector and by using other various devices according to specifications and needs of the costumer. We are even able to temporarily move these devices to costumer premises.

We are also able to provide a material analysis.

We can also carry out an analysis of measurement result and pass the analysis to the customer in the required form (charts, tables, text).



Gauge calibration(see list of measures below)

  • 1D or 2D length
  • Plane angle
  • Moment of force
  • Time
  • Revolutions
  • Hardness
  • Temperature

Operating measurements

  • Receiving- and output control
  • Interstage controls
  • Analyses of measurement results, processing of measured data

We will help you implement company metrology

  • We will work out for you a metrology system tailored to the needs of your company. We will provide regular updates.
  • We will devise and supply metrological documentation according to ISO. We will supply metrological software.

Advisory services in the field of metrology

  • Basic metrology course
  • Advanced metrology course
  • Course for operators of measuring devices
  • Course with variable plan
  • Result analyses
  • Processing of measured data
  • Elaboration of multilingual documentation

Meters we calibrate

1D or 2D length
Measurement wires, Internal gauge – double-touch, Internal gauge – triple-touch, Depth micrometer, Depth rule + altimeter, P9 groove depth gauge, Weld meter, Taper gauge, Snap gauge, P9 groove plug gauge, Thread gauge, Thread ring, Check ring, Gauge block, Beam calliper, Iron gauge, Iron rule, Internal micrometer, Micrometer calliper gauge, Micrometer pin gauge, Micrometer extension gauge, Micrometer pin gauge (folding), Tape measure, Passameter, Bit rule, Iron rule, Feeler gauge, Tape measure (roll-up), Radial gauge, Comb gauge, Poldi hammer, FISHER color thickness meter, Mica etalon

Plane angle
Angle bar, Bit angle, Optical angle gauge (universal), Angle gauge, Oblong level, Frame level, Water level, Sinusoidal rule

Moment of force
Torque wrenches


Operating speed indicator

Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers

Operating thermometers