Control plan audit

Control plan is a list of checks whose purpose is to prevent faulty products to get to the customer.

If a supplier has:

  • the right checks
  • at the right place, and
  • hey work flawlessly,

then his customer:

  • can cancel the receiving control, and
  • does not know the word complaint.

What is the cause of complaints, and of sorting- and return actions? It is because supplier control mechanism is not OK!
We offer you our help when evaluating control mechanism:

  • Are not some items missing in the control plan?
  • Is not something checked needlessly?
  • Are the right checks done at the right place?
  • Is SPC and statistical inspection prescribed correctly?
  • Do we know what regulation is?
  • What is the difference between regulation and a reaction plan?
  • Can we cancel the receiving control without endangering production and customers?

We offer not only audits but also help when implementing changes:

  • Cooperation when creating methodology for control plans
  • Consultations when creating model control plans
  • Training of workers who will be creating checks
  • Training of workers who will be performing checks

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