PROfair rules

– encourage our basic values and serve as a guide of our company culture of observing principles, ethical decision-making and responsibility. Our basic values form our company culture and define characteristics of PROfair spol. s r.o.
They regulate our conduct and decision-making.

These Rules of conduct are a part of internal Regulations, and are binding for every employee of PROfair spol. s r.o. Potential breaking of rules is qualified as a breach of professional conduct with all resulting consequences. All managers of PROfair spol. s r.o. are responsible for continuous enforcement and observance of these Rules, including provision and propagation of necessary information, and for securing that all these Rules are well known and observed by all employees.



1/ Quick overview of Rules of conduct
2/ Information protection
3/ Communication
4/ Employee development
5/ Creating value for customer
6/ Our brand
7/ Respect for individuals
8/ Honesty
9/ Our responsibility
10/ Where to find help

1/ Quick overview of Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct are binding for all employees of PROfair spol. s r.o.

– director, managers and employees. 

They are binding also for third parties, for example sales representatives acting on behalf of PROfair spol. s r.o.
Rules of conduct of PROfair spol. s r.o. show us how to create appropriate
environment for employees. With concrete „activity descriptions“ they characterize
the way we implement our basic values and principles in praxis, and what
needs to be done to observe all respective legal regulations. The purpose of Rules of conduct is not
to describe every possible activity, but to remind us that
PROfair will not tolerate conduct not fulfiling specified expectations.
For further direction of employees the Rules of conduct contain links to key
internal regulations of PROfair.
The Rules of conduct should help us all to set higher targets.
And it is not necessary to stress that we observe valid laws – we adhere to even higher standards.
Our targets are ethical company procedures – i.e. managing PROfair spol. s r.o. in a way we can be proud of, and which reflects the image of PROfair spol. s r.o.

2/ Information protection

PROfair spol. s r.o. respects and protects information of personal nature of all
individuals, including employees, clients, business contacts or applicants for a job.
Personal information can be accessed and shared only by people who need them from occupational reasons.
Information obtained in course of their professional duties must not be used for personal purposes, nor for the interests of third parties. In case an employee acquires information concerning business of PROfair spol. s r.o. or its customers, he or she is obliged to keep such information confidential, and is not allowed to provide the information to third parties. Misuse of such information for personal purposes or for the interests of third parties is strictly forbidden.

3/ Communication

We use electronic communication responsibly and professionaly.
On daily basis, we use important company tools belonging to PROfair spol. s r.o., our customers and other subjects: Internet, e-mail, voice system and intranet, as well as software, computers, telephones, etc.
We use these technologies profesionally and with consideration, because PROfair spol. s r.o. provide them for employees to fulfil their professional duties. The company permits
their limited use for personal purposes. Illegal activities, overuse, or other business activities of employees not related to PROfair spol. s r.o. are prohibited. Our communication – by e-mail or other means – should always be appropriate and polite.
We only use technologies and information we are entitled to use. For example, to prevent infringing of intellectual property rights, or gaining access to illegal or inappropriate content on internet, we do not use peer-to-peer software, file-sharing software, or other download services. Every one of us is responsible for securing, protection and keeping control of computers and other electronic devices provided by company, as well as our own cell phones and computers we use to fulfil professional duties for PROfair spol. s r.o.
Communication with customer representative is always conducted by the highest-ranking employee present – Action Leader, Team Leader, Senior Inspector or Inspector.
The Action Leader must be at all times informed about modifications of working procedure, organization of work, or potential disagreement with customer representative, injuries, or other important deviations from standard situation.

4/ Employee development

Career of PROfair spol. s r.o. employees depends on their talent, skills and ability to accomplish tasks and needs of PROfair spol. s r.o. We provide each other frank and up-to-date feedback and expect fair conduct and work in an environment without unlawful or unfair discrimination. PROfair spol. s r.o. enables employee development by providing motivating environment.
Before taking part on activities outside company which could influence our business activities in a negative way, the employee should discuss it first with the personnel department or with his or her
superior. Our extra-work activity should not contradict our job or negatively influence business activities, image or reputation of PROfair spol. s r.o.

5/ Creating value for customer

* We are trying to build long-term relationship with customers by creating value
* We pledge to do what we can provide, and provide what we have pledged to do
* We are trying to understand the rules of conduct of our customers and observe them

Relationship with clients is based on mutual trust and creating real value.
If you feel you are failing fulfiling our obligations, consult it with other workers and ask for help.
We are trying to understand not only business requirements of our clients but also how we are to behave according to their expectations – and we fulfil these expectations. We do not rely on being informed about our client’s rules by individual employees or even managers – we should get to understand them ourselves.

6/ Promoting and strengthening our brand

The name and brand PROfair spol. s r.o. is an important and valuable property which differs us from our competitors. We should promote our name and brand systematically with our individual conduct.

7/ Respect for individuals

• We care to create a warm environment in which the uniqueness of an individual is valued
• We treat everyone with respect and do not tolerate harassment or intimidation
• We try to maintain a safe working environment
Our working environment encourages our employees to express their worries without fear. Various point of views and opinions are welcome and supported – their integration supports innovation and diversity. By treating people the way we want ourselves to be treated – for example by respecting each other’s successes, planned holiday, and
trainings – we create opportunities for balancing work- and personal needs.
PROfair spol. s r.o. does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment at workplace because of race, ethnics, sexual orientation, sex, religion, age, handicap,
political belief, nationality, or other potential discrimination factor. Harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated – any discrimination attempt towards employees, direct or indirect, is a subject to disciplinary action.
PROfair spol. s r.o. respects the right of employees for work without harassment. We also respect that everybody has the right to report any inappropriate behaviour without fear
of retaliatory measures.
All employees and managers of PROfair spol. s r.o. are responsible for keeping working environment free of discrimination.

8/ Honesty

Honesty means that we can tell right from wrong and understand the ethical consequences of our
decisions. It means we frankly say that we act on the base of this understanding, although our opinion may be unpopular. It means we appreciate those who deserve it, we admit our mistakes and turn them to opportunities to learn something. We fulfil our obligations, however small they are, we assume an attitude when we encounter a problem, and ask for help, if we have doubts.
All employees are obliged to act openly, fairly and with mutual respect, as well as cooperate when solving all the problems that can arise.
Conduct of PROfair spol. s r.o. employees is the key to long-term business success of the company. It should always be taken into account that the common interest of PROfair spol. s r.o. has priority over interest of an individual.
Personal or private interests should never influence business relationships or decisions which should be at all times based on business or ethical considerations. In order to protect PROfair spol. s r.o., third parties, business partners, or employees, each potential conflict of interests must be dealt with openly. Such way of communication should prevent all potential dishonesty or improper behaviour suspicions. In case a conflict of interests arises, the employee is not allowed to make decision independently, but is obliged to consult next steps with his or her superior and try to restore the original state of matters.
The employees are responsible for filling in month reports correctly and dutifully by supplying order data, time spent working, time spent travelling (time related to travelling beyond the initial region stated in the employment contract). The report must be signed by the relevant superior, otherwise is not valid.
Filling in incorrect data violates the internal directives of PROfair spol. s r.o.

9/ Our responsibility

The employees of PROfair spol. s r.o. should avoid situations when they are tempted to act in a way which contradicts the best interests of the company. We should avoid even the hint of interests conflict. We should never abuse our position, contact, or knowledge of PROfair spol. s r.o. for our personal advantage. As it is not possible to define all situations which could be a cause of interests conflict or its hint, PROfair spol. s r.o. primarily relies on fair judgment and honesty of its employees. In case of any doubts please always make the matter public and consult it with your superior.
If an employee is distracted (by a phone call, customer, colleague’s story, etc.) during a control, he or she should interrupt all semifinished operations and restart the working procedure.
When using a company car, the employee always has to fill in the driver’s report book by providing starting and destination point, current mileage, kilometres covered per day, and fuel tanked in litres/Kč, using the correct date.
Daily allowance and compensations for business trip carried out with an own vehicle are refunded to employees only on the base of correctly filled-in driver’s trip ticket. The employee has to hand over the driver’s trip ticket two months after the closing date of accounting period at latest.
Alcohol at workplace:
The law states “not to consume alcoholic beverages or other addictive substances at employer’s
workplace, during or off working hours
” and “not to enter employer’s workplace under their influence”. Under § 106 article 4 letter i) of labour code the employee is obliged to be subjected, upon authorized superior’s instruction, to ascertainment, whether he or she is under influence of alcohol or other addictive substances. In case of doubts about employee’s capability to carry out work, the employer or manager has the right under § 106 article 4 letter i) of labour code to require that the employee subjects himself or herself to ascertainment, whether he or she is under influence of alcohol or drugs.
The employer has the right to carry out a breath test (a detalcohol test). If the employee refuses a breath test having no serious reason, he or she violates the obligations implied by legal regulations. If that happens repeatedly (at least three times), he or she can be notified of the possibility of receiving
notice because of repeated less severe breach of duties, or possibly
receiving notice right away under § 52 letter g) of labour code.
If the employee states serious reasons which prevent him or her to be subjected to breath test, the employer has the right to require that the employee subjects himself or herself to medical examination to ascertain, whether he or she is under influence of alcohol or drugs.

10/ Where to find help

If you have questions concerning Rules of conduct of PROfair spol. s r.o. or some other internal regulation of PROfair spol. s r.o., please contact personnel department.

We, PROfair spol. s r.o., exert maximum efforts to fulfil the following:

* A satisfied customer is my primary goal
* I take high-quality work for granted
* A good company reputation is crucial for me
* Mutual cooperation is essential for our success
* I look after company property as my own
* Safe work and health protection is a law for me
* I learn from the better ones to be better than them
* I respect knowledge and opinions of colleagues and our partners
* Everyone can make a mistake – but we all have to learn our lesson from it
* I fulfil what I promise – in this way I help to create the company’s respectability
* My satisfaction depends on company prosperity
* I always repeat to myself and others – act fast, simply and effectively
* I do not allow conflicts to last long
* I do not tolerate wasting